Life and Landscape: Exploring India's Diversity

 Evonne McArthur, a quantitative biology major from Raleigh, studied abroad in India in fall 2013. She returned to UNC campus with fond memories of the people she met and places she went -- and with many spectacular and compelling photographs.


 McArthur’s photographs, along with those of UNC student Pranav Haravu, Duke sophomore Roma Sonik, and photographs by UNC faculty members Afroz Taj and John Caldwell, are on display through Oct. 3, at the Art Gallery at the Student Union, in an exhibit titled, “Life and Landscape: Exploring the Diversity of India.”


McArthur studied abroad with the SIT: Health and Human Rights program in Delhi and was awarded a scholarship for study abroad by the Phillips Ambassadors, a program of the Carolina Asia Center.


“Upon returning to the United States, I started to become more aware that many people have a negative preconceived notion of what India 'is', " she said. McArthur added that although these important issues cannot be ignored, she hopes her photographs can help showcase India through a different lens.


“India not only hosts a wealth of different religions, languages, and cultural traditions, but also a vast range of landscapes, from mountains and beaches to highly developed cities and endless farmland,” she said.


Other artists’ featured in the exhibit echoed McArthur’s sentiment. Sonik, a public policy major and chemistry minor at Duke University, studied abroad in India this past summer with the UNC Summer in India program, also as a Phillips Ambassador.


Reflecting on her time abroad, Sonik commented on the how difficult it is to generalize about such a vast and diverse country. “It’s really hard to pick one photograph, one word, one sentence, or one thought to describe India,” she said.


“Evonne did a great job of pulling together photos that show a wide spectrum of India,” Sonik said. “I am honoured to be included.”


“Life and Landscape: Exploring the Diversity of India,” runs through Oct. 3, at the Carolina Union Art Gallery at the Student Union. The exhibit is sponsored by CUAB, the Phillips Ambassadors, and the Carolina Asia Center.