Qualifying Study Abroad Programs in Asia

Students interested in applying for a Phillips Ambassadors Scholarship can choose from among the following more than 50 exciting College-approved study abroad programs (as well as the Kenan-Flagler Business School semester-long programs for business students listed below) in Asia. Click on each individual program for more details.



  CET Beijing
  CET Beijing Summer
  CET Harbin
  CET Harbin Summer
  CET Kunming Summer
  CET Shanghai
  CET Shanghai Summer
  Chinese University of Hong Kong
  Chinese University of Hong Kong - Summer
  Fudan University
  Fudan University - Summer
  IES: Shanghai
  KFBS: Chinese University of Hong Kong
  KFBS: Chinese University of Hong Kong Summer
  KFBS: International Internship Hong Kong Summer
  KFBS: Peking University Guanghua School of Management
  NCSU: Hangzhou Physical Chemistry & Research - Summer
  SIT China: Community Health and Traditional Chinese Medicine - Summer
  SIT China: Language, Cultures, and Ethnic Minorities
  UNC Entrepreneurship Summer in Shanghai  
  University of Hong Kong
  William D. Weir Honors Fellowships in Asian Studies
  Yunnan University Chinese Language - Summer
  AIIS: Intensive Hindi Language - Summer
  Alliance for Global Education: India
  Antioch Buddhist Studies in India
  IES: India
  Minnesota Studies in International Development in India
  SIT India: Health and Human Rights
  SIT India: Himalayan Buddhist Art and Architecture- Summer
  SIT India: National Identity and the Arts
  SIT India: Sustainable Development and Social Change
  UNC Summer in India
  CET-UW India
  SIT Indonesia: Arts, Religion, and Social Change
  CET: Japan
  International Christian University
  Keio University
  Kwansei Gakuin University
  Nanzan University
  Sophia University
  UNC Summer in Japan
  Waseda University
  SIT Mongolia: Geopolitics and the Environment
  SIT Nepal: Development and Social Change
  SIT Nepal: Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples
  KFBS: National University of Singapore Business School
  National University of Singapore FASStrack: Summer
  National University of Singapore Science Summer Lab Exchange
  National University of Singapore: Arts and Social Sciences
  National University of Singapore: Honors- University Scholars Exchange
  National University of Singapore: School of Computing
  National University of Singapore: Science
  UNC NUS Joint Degree
South Korea (Republic of Korea)
  KFBS: Korea University Business School
  Yonsei University
  Yonsei University - Summer
  National Taiwan University
  National Taiwan University - Summer
  KFBS: Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy
  KFBS: Thammasat University Business School
  Mahidol University International College
  UNC Institute for the Environment Thailand Field Site in Energy and Environment
  UNC Semester in Southeast Asia
  CET Public Health and Service Learning
  CET Vietnamese Studies & Service-Learning - Summer
  SIT Vietnam: Culture, Social Change, and Development

Business Majors and Minors seeking business elective credit for College-approved Study Abroad programs in Asia should contact their business school advisors.