Spring 2011


The spring 2011 Phillips Ambassadors

From left: Olamide Olusesi, William "Bo" Brandt, Matthew Stevens, Brooke Shaffer, Yuen Ho, Ruopiao Xu, William K. "Keith" Funkhouser III.


Not picutured: Hanna Bustillo


William "Bo" Brandt, Raleigh, North Carolina,

Hanna Bustillo, Abderdeen, North Carolina

Keith Funkhouser, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Yuen Ho, Cary North Carolina

Olamide Olusesi, Raleigh, North Carolina

Brooke Shaffer, Shelby, North Carolina

Mathew Stevens, Raleigh, North Carolina

Matthew Stevens, Raleigh, North Carolina

Ruopiao Xu, Hangzhou, China

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