Spring 2012


The Spring 2012 Phillips Ambassadors

Standing, from left: Andrew Guo, Amanda Baldiga, Devika Chawla, Lee Grainger, Meghan Robbins*, Sophia Zhang, Matthew Nolan.

* Meghan Robbins was selected for spring study abroad but studied in the fall 2012 due to temporary closures and severe weather at Mahidol University International College (Bangkok).

Name, Hometown, Program, Major

Lee Grainger, Charlotte, North Carolina, National University of Singapore, Pre-nutrition/Chemistry

Sophia Zhang, Charlotte, North Carolina, National Taiwan University, English/Creative writing

Amanda Baldiga, Apex, North Carolina, Aliance for Global Education in India, Sociology/Dramatic Arts

Devika Chawla, Cary, North Carolina, Hong Kong University, Psychology

Andrew Guo, Cary, North Carolina, Peking University Guanghau School of Management, Business/Biology

Matthew Nolan, Cary, North Carolina, National Taiwan University, Chinese

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