Juliana Powell (Japan '15)

Juliana Powell first went to Japan as a Phillips Ambassador in the spring of 2015 to study Japanese language at Keio University. Since then, she graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in August 2016 with honors, and received a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies. She is now completing graduate coursework as a FLAS fellow in Speech Language Pathology within the Division of Allied Health at the UNC School of Medicine.

At first, a degree that focused on Japanese language seemed unrelated to healthcare, but she has since recognized the field of speech pathology as a perfect space to expand her passion for foreign language and patient centered care. As a first year master's student, she has worked as a research assistant on the NIH-funded study Outcomes of School-Age Children who are Hard of Hearing (OSACHH) and is helping to develop the Japanese language version of the Chapel Hill Multilingual Intelligibility Test (CHMIT). In March, she returned from Guatemala after being awarded a GPSF Travel Grant to start work on an ongoing project to develop an assessment tool for expressive language skills in children in Spanish.

Powell now holds a secretary position as an Allied Health Sciences Ambassador, but continues to study Japanese language and promote interest in Asia within her field. Powell's ultimate career goal is to use foreign language in healthcare practice, and to specialize on some level of the human speech system as an otolaryngologist on an ACPA-approved Craniofacial team.