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Phillips Summer in Taiwan Completes Inaugural Summer

Phillips Summer in Taiwan Completes Inaugural Summer

A bustling night scene in Taipei.

The Phillips Ambassadors Program was thrilled to run a new summer study abroad program, UNC Phillips Summer in Taiwan, in Summer 2023. This hybrid faculty-led program, created in collaboration with UNC Study Abroad, was based at National Taiwan University (NTU) in Taipei and managed by CET Academic Programs.

The New York Times recently listed Taipei in its annual “52 Places to Go” feature, writing in part “Taipei is a glorious assault on the senses, a capital with stunning natural beauty, low crime, and clear air despite its immense urban sprawl…a visit to this city offers a riot of culinary and cultural pleasures. In 2023, the island’s third-tallest skyscraper will open, and the Taiwan Lantern Festival, a beloved tradition in which thousands of glowing lanterns float skyward in tandem, will return to Taipei after more than two decades.”

The innovative six-week summer study abroad program was led by UNC’s Earl N. Phillips Jr. Distinguished Professor of International Studies, Dr. Michael Tsin. Eleven participants from UNC attended a three-credit UNC course entitled “Social Movements in Historical Perspective: Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong” and an additional three-credit elective course offered by CET. Students had use of NTU’s facilities and exposure to Taiwanese culture through experiential learning opportunities and excursions.

Applicants were also encouraged to apply for the Phillips Ambassadors Program as part of the regular study abroad application. Select applicants received a $6000 scholarship and earned an additional three credits for participation in a unique Phillips Ambassadors course taken before and after the program, for a total of nine credits.

Additional information about UNC Phillips Summer in Taiwan, which may run again in Summer 2024, can be found here.